Our Story

Mobile Terminals is based in Oldham Lancashire, We have been in the merchant service provider business since 1997 and we have served thousands of customers in that time.

Whilst Derek Lowde (Founder) was working with a little iso/msp as a consultant installations engineer mainly using Vodafones paknet radio data service coupled together with a payment terminal commonly used at that time in high street stores, Paknet was used at that time for metering data.

Vodafones paknet was then used to produce a truly mobile payment platform.

This was utilised in the first instance in the mobile tool sales (Snap On Tools) (Mac Tools) and hospitality environments such as ticket sales, outside venues and mobile tool sellers who sell to garages and workshops.

"A truly amazing simple solution."

We forged relationships in the hospitality industry as well as the motorsports arena including the F1 merchandisers for the UK and overseas grand prix.

Our focus was on value added services to a small group of corporations and companies, We wanted more and wanted to offer these valued added services to all businesses.

Whilst these relationships span a decade in early 2010 mobile terminals was set up to offer the same valued added services to you as a standard offering, a refreshing change to the numbered system most still use to today, they dont see you as a customer but just a number.

Mobile Terminals was set up to supply the same high service levels to you as most businesses look online first to find products and services, our customers recommend our services to others and it is truly amazing how many really do recommend our services.

In offering our services like this as a standard enabled us to produce the same business volume in one year that we had previously took 10 years to build.

In fact we had deployed twice as many terminals in 12 months than we had in the previous 10 years.

So as we celebrate our continued success, we are always looking to enhance our services offered to you,

So if you require a solution outside of what you see on the website please contact us with your requirements.

We have a tried and tested approach in supplying and delivering our products and services to you and our partners

We value your business and it is reflected in our service, We keeping you processing is what we do...

Our focus has been on In-House customer support with effective advice as well as supplying the right cost effective product.

We remain your first point of call with our fixed and mobile PDQ payment terminal solutions, so you are not left making different calls to different service providers should you have a problem or query with your supplied service.

This really does set us apart as most in this industry have a third party supplied product.

We should know as we supply a number of different providers terminals to end users as if we were that suppler and this is an area we do very well.

We tailor the services to you we have the largest terminal hire, pre pay and purchase options available in the UK today as an independant service provider.

We have supplied thousands of payment terminals to satisfied customers all over the UK, in Europe and the USA for special events and shows as well as many different business from small boutique set ups to franchise and high street businesses.

We deploy and maintain our own payment terminals and run our help desk services

We work with all major acquirers (Merchant Processors) in the UK with many customers using our services that benefits all MSP/ISO`s

We process in GBP, Euro`s and in US Dollars. (Special Accounts are required for Euro and US Dollar Accounts)

Our soft sell approach is proven and most say its a refreshing approach to supplying our products and services.

We remain competitive in terms of price with excellent customer support which is one of our keys of success.

Although the market is tough we remain a leader in terminal deployment and merchant processing accounts.

After all, our customers keep us in business

So why not give us a call and see how we can help you process your business credit and debit card payments.

Mobile phone user please call 0333 577 4601 or Land Line please call 0845 459 4601

Best Regards

Derek Lowde


Mobile Terminals Ltd